Balabolka 2 15 0 817 Multilingual

Balabolka 2 15 0 817 Multilingual


Size: 606 B



  • Supported OS: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7
  • RAM (Memory): 2 GB RAM (4 GB recommended)
  • Free Hard Disk Space: 200 MB or more

License: Freeware
Languages: Multilingual
Author: Cross+A
Author URL:


Free Chatterer for Windows
Balabolka is a Russian word and means chatterer. The free text-to-speech (TTS) utility for Windows and is built on the Microsoft Speech Platform. It supports many languages such as English, Portuguese, Russian, and more.
This TTS app can use all computer voices on your system to read the on-screen text and save it as an audio file. It supports many text formats like AZW3, DOCX, EPUB, HTML, and others. It saves the output audio as an LRC file or an MP3 tag inside the audio file. Another free TTS option you can try is Free Voice To Text.

What is Balabolka?
Balabolka is a screen reading software that uses voices installed on your computer to read text on your screen and store it as an audio file. The app offers various functions like reading text aloud, highlighting the words it’s reading, and converting text to audio. It’s helpful to people who need to listen while following the text, like for people learning a second language

Balabolka setup options
Open the app and customise it to your liking. It allows you to choose the colour of the text and choose a different font, font size, or font style. Change the highlight colour the app uses to show the text it’s currently reading. Select ‘background colour’ to choose a different colour for the background. Use the preview screen on the left to see the effect of your changes.

Best features
Use the tabs at the bottom to navigate through different documents. Select play on the toolbar, and the app will start to read your document. Split long documents into sections by creating bookmarks, and save them as separate audio files. Keep the bookmarks by saving your document as a btx file
Additionally, Balabolka features more features that make reading text out loud even easier. You can download free voices from the Balabolka website. Use speech settings to select a different voice, and adjust the rate and pitch with the sliders. The app also has a spell checker that highlights incorrect words and lets you choose various display options. You can also convert your document to an audio file using the ‘save to audio’ option on the toolbar, and choose an audio format. 

Convert text to speech
Use Balabolka to convert text documents to audio files. Get free voices and customize them for a pleasant reading experience. Use the spell checker to correct any mistakes in your text. Listen and follow along, or conveniently listen to audio files while travelling or exercising. 

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