Battery Mode 4 3 0 build 188

Battery Mode 4 3 0 build 188


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License: Freeware
Languages: English
Author: Tarasov Artyom
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Replace the default battery indicator
Does it feel like your current battery indicator on Windows is lacking? That could be solved with Battery Mode. Download Battery Mode for more detailed information, a much easier power scheme selection, customization options, backlight control and various battery setting options. This freeware, developed by Artem Tarasov, offers you a convenient solution to a prevalent problem. 

Change your power scheme
Changing your current power scheme is as simple as opening-up thepop-up window for your battery. You can choose between power saver, balanced or high-performance mode. Power saver mode helps you conserve your battery life when you haven’t plugged your laptop into an outlet. It lowers your brightness, reduces your CPU speed, and generally limits background activity.
On the other hand, high-performance mode increases your screen brightness and allows your CPU to run at a much higher capacity. This feature, however, is only recommended when you plug your laptop into an outlet, as it uses a lot of battery life.

Backlight control 
Whether for an external or internal monitor, you can adjust your backlight level manually from inside of Battery Mode. You can also disable or enable adaptive brightness, which means that the brightness settings will automatically change based on the lighting of the room you’re in. This feature won’t be available on all devices, as your device will need to have the ability to detect light levels.

Hotkeys & command-line commands 
With Battery Mode, you can select various settings, including the option to change your power scheme without even opening up the pop-up window. You can also make use of command-line commands within the program for a variety of different options.
For instance, you can use Economy to switch to power saving mode, Typical for balanced mode or Performance for high-performance mode. You can also make use of the Help command to get information about all the commands available. 

Fix a problem 
What makes Battery Mode great is that it provides you with easy access to various features, from a simple pop-up menu or by using hotkeys. We can’t think of a reason not to install it, especially considering that it resolves one of those nagging issues with the Windows interface that often feel unfixable. 

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