Battery Optimizer 3 2 3 6

Battery Optimizer 3 2 3 6


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How to Uninstall Battery Optimizer From Your Windows Vista Or Windows 7 PC
Battery Optimizer is more advanced than most other battery management or monitoring software. Battery Optimizer actually tell you just how much additional battery life you are currently losing by turning off certain services and hardware on your computer. To this end, you can then restore these settings to their optimal levels so you can easily and quickly maximize your battery life for your usage at that moment. The first time I used Battery Optimizer, I actually felt like it was working fine. Then it kept getting stuck in "safe mode", something that always happens when I am in the process of optimizing my battery. Fortunately, I found a way to fix this problem and now my battery will stay charged even if Battery Optimizer gets stuck in "safe mode".
This software will tell you how much battery life your battery is using on average, so you’ll know whether you should be charging your battery more often or less frequently. For example, if you’re using your laptop to watch videos, browse the internet or play high-intensive games, you should be charging your battery every few hours, but if you’re using your laptop to watch videos, listen to music or do homework, you should be charging your battery much more often. This simple tweak alone can help you add up to several hours of additional battery life. It’s especially useful if you travel a lot with your laptop, as leaving your laptop plugged in at all times can drain its battery life extremely fast. This simple little tweak will allow you to maximize the amount of battery life your laptop gets from you.
To remove Battery Optimizer, simply start up your PC, go into control panel, select program settings, click the uninstall tab and search for the program named as Battery Optimizer. To ensure that you have a fully functional computer after you remove the optimizer, you should restart your system and load up before you remove the program. You should also make sure that you don’t have any programs that are making your system take longer to boot up or stay active while you’re using it. These programs can prevent your system from loading the optimizer properly and cause errors.

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