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Clone Files Checker 5 7


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Free Up Disk Space by Dealing With Duplicate Files
It can be far too much gigabytes, especially when you have not cleaned your system in ages! The best way to clean your system is to perform continuous maintenance, but this is too much work for most of us. To take you from this mess, Clone Files Checker automatically comes to your aid. A very easy to use utility, it allows you to easily perform all the necessary checks for your Windows system. It also gives you the option to perform backup and restore operations.
If you are looking to get rid of those duplicate files that are sitting on your computer or on your hard drive, then you should use the Clone Files Checker to eliminate any duplicates that it finds. One of the greatest features of this utility is that it performs a deep scan of your system. It first tries to identify the duplicate and then if that fails it determines which version of the file needs to be deleted. After it has deleted the duplicate, you will be given an option to either delete it permanently or leave it as is.
Another great feature of the Clone Files Checker is that it provides a backup of all the duplicate files in your storage space. In case something goes wrong and you need to retrieve your saved files, all you have to do is use the backup feature of the utility. With this powerful software tool, you are sure to benefit from its capabilities. So, if you want to clean your system and free up some valuable storage space, make sure you use the Clone Files Checker.

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