Grub2Win 2 3 2 7

Grub2Win 2 3 2 7


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License: Freeware
Languages: English
Author: drummerdp
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Free multiboot program for Windows
Grub2Win is a freemultiboot application to boot different operating systems on the same device, much like alternatives YUMI and Rufus. The app works with Linux and Windows systems if you’re working with MBR or GPT disks. It’s also compatible with both BIOS and EFI firmware.
While the program saves everything to a small folder on your C: drive, it also creates five bootable instances on the EFI partition. Also, Grub2Win generates several configuration files if you want to run Linux and Windows together, such as Android, Debian, PhoenixOS, Ubuntu, Fedora, and Suse.

Open-source multiboot system
The app is an open-source system for booting multiple instances of Windows and Linux. There are numerous themes you can choose from, while you can also preview how they’ll look before you activate them. It engages with different file systems, even challenging ones like Btrfs and Mac hfs.

Automatic configuration generation
While other similar programs allow you to develop or customise configuration files for various operating systems, Grub2Win takes the hard work out by creating config files automatically. You can also import Windows and Linux config files that aren’t included, and it’ll incorporate them for you.

Only one directory needed
Fortunately, you only need a small amount of storage space for Grub2Win. Instead of saving it on a USB drive like some alternatives, it places it on your local C: drive. It uses a central directory for all the configurations and boot files, making it easier to locate on your computer.

Includes modules and libraries
You’ll find all the latest GNU Grub libraries and modules on Grub2Win so that you don’t have to hunt them down and install each one. Also, there’s a drive to update the program with the newest enhancements and releases as often as possible. It can deal with massive partitions and disks, so you won’t need to worry about size limitations.

Open your files from any device
Grub2Win is the easiest way to install multiboot instances of operating systems while having access to the latest GNU Grub configurations, modules and libraries. The app is straightforward to use with a simple interface.

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