UltraViewer 6 5 10

UltraViewer 6 5 10


Size: 606 B


License: Freeware
Languages: English
Author: UltraViewer
Author URL: http://ultraviewer.net


A remote desktop controller
UltraViewer is a program that allows you to connect your PC to other remote computers. Then, it grants you access and remote control of files found there.

Easy remote support
With UltraViewer, just as with its primary competitor, Teamviewer, you can connect other PCs to yours, and then access and perform actions on files on the host computer.
This program ensures that all you do is straightforward, too. Once you install it, you’ll get an ID and password. Then, all you need to do is put in the credentials of the computer you wish to connect to, and it will be done in seconds.
UltraViewer will then show you the other desktop, and you can control it as your own. It conveniently comes with a chatbox to facilitate communication between devices. It allows you to set up hotkeys for activating and deactivating this function, too.
Unlike with VNC Connect and other simpler services, you can share and transfer files using UltraViewer, no matter on which side of the connection you are.
Transfers happen through a simple drag-and-drop function, although it’s advisable to zip files before sending, if there are many of them.
When it comes to security, UltraViewer allows both sides to interact and remove folders they don’t want seen in real-time. Moreover, there are supervision controls for safety, allowing you to see all the actions on the side of the person controlling the PC.
This software is extremely lightweight, taking up only 2 MB of your storage space. At the moment, it works on all editions of Windows OS, although there is no version for Mac or Linux. You could try AnyDesk for multiple OS functionalities.

Convenience guaranteed
Ultraviewer is a fantastic solution for those working as customer or technical support, and also for people looking for a convenient way to connect to other desktops remotely and work from home. It is incredibly stable, and its features provide a significant level of control. All in all, it’s excellent.

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