VidCoder 7 14

VidCoder 7 14


Size: 606 B


License: Freeware
Languages: Multilingual
Author: Vidcoder
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Free portable video transcoder
The open-source VidCoder Portable uses Handbrake for ripping and transcoding DVDs and Blu-ray disks. This software supports most video formats for converting video files between various formats. It is important to note that it doesn’t remove encryption from commercial disks. 
VidCoder is the developer for VidCoder Portable. It’s a free download available in many languages, like English, German, Italian, Japanese and Arabic. You can use it on your PC running Windows 10 and Windows 11. Similar software includes MediaCoder, WinAVI All-in-One Converter and WinX Video Converter Deluxe.

Why use a transcoder?
Transcoding is the process of decompressing encoded or compressed digital content and then altering and re-compressing them. For example, you can transcode an HD video to a lower format for editing. Or, you can take a live stream and transcode it to various formats to make it available to more users. 
Transcoding is vital to ensure that you can make your videos available in new formats as they develop and to give the best viewing quality and adaptive streaming. Adaptive streaming reduces buffering and playback issues.

Best features
VidCoder supports multi-threaded disk, MP4 and MKV containers. It integrates the transcoding process in a single encoding pipeline with no intermediate or temporary files. The software support H.264 and H 265, MPEG 2 and MPEG 4, VP8 and Theora videos. It can transcode videos to various formats like AAC, MP3, FLAC and MP3. It uses hardware-accelerated encoding with Intel Quick Sync, NVENC and AMD VCE.
It has a powerful batch encoding feature and provides small encoded clips to preview. This software lets you pause the process or resume it again at any time. You can also use the custom pickers to select audio and subtitle tracks, titles and destinations.
VidCoder Portable allows you to crop, resize or rotate videos or adjust the padding. It also lets you select the input and output resolution.

System requirements
This open-source software works with Windows Vista and Windows 7, up to Windows 10. You can download it for your 32-bit or 64-bit PC. 

Improved viewing experience
VidCover Portable for Windows has a simple interface that lets you transcode videos in other formats. This lets you make it more readily available and improve the viewing experience by limiting buffering and playback issues. It supports popular video formats, multi-threading and two-pass encoding. 
The developer has updated translations and the ‘open bug’ link to the template chooser and auto-fill the version and install type in the latest release.

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